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Collection/Gravity Sewers.

We provide the service and expertise for designing new, rehabilitated, or replacement gravity sewers and interceptors with experience ranging in size from six to 102 inches in diameter.

Assisting a wide range of clients with upgrades to their infrastructure, we design repairs or replacement of aging and deteriorated sewers, as well as design new structures. Our multidisciplinary team includes civil, geotechnical and structural engineers as well as experts in environmental analysis and permitting, traffic control, construction inspection and community outreach. We deliver environmental solutions for all projects including gravity sewers, often located near streams and requiring protection of the natural environment. Minimizing impact is a goal we share with our clients. To do that, we employ trenchless methods and the lining of existing sewers. We are also recognized for exceptional work in infiltration and inflow studies, hydraulic modeling, and capacity and condition assessments.