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WRA Culture.

We encourage teamwork and knowledge sharing to develop smart, innovative solutions.

We foster a working community based on teamwork, knowledge sharing and high ethical standards to build smart, innovative solutions.

At WRA, an actively community-oriented culture promotes professional growth, productivity and strong relationships.

Our people are our greatest asset, and they come from all academic, ethnic and social backgrounds with diverse yet complimentary skills that enhance project development and promote success.

We have invested over a century cultivating an employment experience where open dialogue is valued and knowledge is generously shared across disciplines. Contributing to and building on each other’s ideas, we arrive at innovative solutions to complex design challenges.

We take interest in our associates and actively participate in the realization of their professional goals. Fostering the careers of over 650 employees nationwide, we are recognized for the loyalty, talent and initiative of our people, and the longevity of their careers within the firm.

Our Community 

At WRA, we believe that our working community flourishes when we work together in service of the larger communities we live in. By coming together to participate in various community service projects (and sometimes just plain old fun), we develop closer professional bonds, but also remind ourselves that the value provided by our culture of teamwork goes beyond just dollars and cents.