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Patapsco Collection System Evaluation and Sewershed Plan. Baltimore, Maryland.

The Patapsco Sewershed includes over 1,700 manholes and 300,000 feet of sewer pipelines ranging in size from 6 to 64 inches, with flows treated at the Patapsco Wastewater Treatment Plant.

As required by Baltimore City’s Consent Decree with EPA/MDE, WRA conducted an evaluation of the sanitary sewerage system in the Patapsco Sewershed. The study area has three distinct zones: a highly industrialized area of factories, refineries, chemical plants and railroad yards, commercial areas centered on the Patapsco Avenue corridor, and dense residential development in the Brooklyn and Cherry Hill areas. WRA provided project management for eight subconsultants plus in-house staff involved in this three year study. WRA performed hydraulic modeling, CCTV and manhole inspections, smoke and dyed water testing, infiltration/inflow analysis, GIS editing of wastewater features and repair/replacement recommendations, including cost estimates.

Patapsco Collection System Evaluation and Sewershed Plan
Project Highlights

Collection/Gravity Sewers

250,000 feet of sewers were televised and the videos reviewed to document defects in the pipe for future repair/replacement. A hydraulic model of sewers greater than 10-inch was developed to assess the impact of various storms on the sewer system.


The wastewater GIS database was verified against field survey information and as-built drawings, and was updated where required. Client quality assurance protocols were followed to ensure data integrity. GIS data was extracted and formatted for use in wastewater network modeling software.