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East Side Wastewater Pumping Station. Washington, DC.

The East Side Pumping Station was designed as a replacement for the existing pumping station to minimize construction cost, duration, and site impacts to the National Park.

WRA designed the new 45 MGD East Side Pumping Station, which includes two mechanically cleaned bar screens, four sewage pumps, a 15 kV/480 volt spot network electrical substation, and piping consisting of a 48-inch influent sewer and a 42-inch force main. Design features include a split wet well, VFD controlled pumps to accommodate the wide range of flows expected in wet weather or dry weather, ventilated wet well and screen room with odor control, station control/SCADA system PLC, dual power from two independent electrical sources with network tie breaker always closed, electrically controlled sluice gates and valves, two climber screens with washer/compactor units, and NFPA 820 compliance. The new pumping station was designed to minimize disruptions to the existing system, which was demolished and returned to a park setting in accordance with the National Park Service requirements.

East Side Wastewater Pumping Station
Project Highlights

Wastewater Pumping

Mechanical design included pump selection (number and size of pumps), dry-pit submersible pumps, piping layout and valve selection within the pump station.


Structural design services included the design of the pump station wet well and dry well, station superstructure, and on-site valve and meter vaults.


Architectural services included the design of the exterior components of the station for approval by the US Commission of Fine Arts. The station is located in a public park and the exterior was designed for security protection of the station.


Electrical design services included electrical feed to the station, an emergency generator and associated components, all power and electrical components for the pumps, motors and Variable Frequency Drives.

Civil/Land Development

Civil design services included all site work and site piping including a gravity sewer and force mains. All site plan approvals and environmental permits were secured by WRA and constructed while maintaining the existing system in-service.