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Partnering with the US Federal government, WRA professionals lead programming, planning, and design of public and secure work places, buildings and sites.

Our portfolio of federal design projects reaches into the millions of square feet, on which we have provided site development planning, building programming and comprehensive facility design.  On an array of projects such as administrative offices, courtrooms, mission critical workspace, data centers, and operations centers, we continually earn outstanding performance recognition.  The scale and complexity of our projects range from highly detailed courtroom renovations in historic courthouses to full design and furniture procurement for a 300,000 SF headquarters.  Our projects range from highly sensitive environments to work in our nation’s landmark buildings and sites.  Close collaboration with our clients leads to an intimate familiarity with their mission, design criteria, special requirements, and sustainability objectives.  Our broad professional expertise spans core disciplines such as architecture and building systems engineering, and also integrates security design, antiterrorism/force protection (ATFP) design, telecommunications design, commissioning and historic preservation.