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Sunnybrook Wastewater Pumping Station. Chesterfield County, Virginia.

WRA provided professional engineering services for the Sunnybrook Wastewater Pumping Station. This project included study, design and construction phase services for a new 5 MGD wastewater pumping station.

The study phase of the project involved the development of flow projections, a siting evaluation, and force main alignment option review for the new pumping station. The study phase of the project also included the development of a Preliminary Engineering Report for submittal, review and approval by the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality.

Final design included the design of a 5 MGD station, 100 LF of 24-inch gravity sewer and 1,700 LF of 16-inch force main. The design phase of the project included the preparation of architectural, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and control, civil and structural engineering design plans and specifications. The design phase of the project also included the submittal, review and approval of the required site plans for the new pumping station through the County’s commercial site plan process.

Sunnybrook Wastewater Pumping Station
Project Highlights

Wastewater Pumping

Mechanical design included pump selection, piping layout and valve selection within the pumping station. Design services included: surge control, odor control, HVAC, pump controls and emergency bypass pump operation.


Structural design services included the design of the pumping station wet well, generator slab, station superstructure and crane hoist system.


Architectural services included the design of the exterior components of the station to resemble a house within the subdivision. Several meetings were held with neighbors and the County Planning Department to review the designs.


Electrical design services included electrical feed to the station, load coordination with Dominion Power, an emergency generator and associated components, all power and electrical components for the pumps, motors and Variable Frequency Drives.

Civil/Land Development

Civil design services included all site design and pipeline design, SWM design and the trenchless crossing of Route 288. The site plan process involved coordination with the developer, permitting agencies and the County Planning Department.