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Proctors Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant Chemical Feed Upgrades. Chesterfield County, Virginia.

WRA designed a new chemical feed system for the addition of sodium bisulfate and sodium hypochlorite to the treatment stream at Chesterfield County’s 27 MGD wastewater treatment plant.

WRA conducted a study of the existing sodium hypochlorite and sodium bisulfite chemical feed systems, which identified flow pacing and chemical feed controls that led to an over-dosing of chemicals. WRA designed the improvements to the chemical feed systems including the replacement of both the chlorine and bisulfite storage buildings with a single building, chemical storage tanks, chemical feed systems, process flow meter and vault and chlorine residual meter. The new structure is a pre-engineered building with precast concrete walls set on top of a cast in place concrete foundation. The building is fully equipped with lights, safety equipment, heat and ventilation. New piping was installed from the new building to the nearby chemical injection points and all new equipment and controls were integrated into the existing Plant SCADA system.

Proctors Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant Chemical Feed Upgrades
Project Highlights

Wastewater Treatment

Mechanical design included the design of all piping, valving, injection points, tankage, chemical pumps, flow metering, pump controls, filling stations and associated building and safety systems.


Structural design services included the design of the chemical building floor slab to handle the loads of the five 9,000-gallon chemical feed tanks in the chemical feed building.


Electrical design services included the design of power feeds to all pumps, flow meters, monitoring devices and building systems. Design of emergency power facilities for the chemical feed building was also provided.

SWM/Drainage/ESC Design

Civil design services included all site design, erosion and sediment control facilities, chemical piping outside of chemical building, design of containment facilities.