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Bush Creek Pumping Station. Harford County, Maryland.

WR&A was awarded the Bush Creek Pumping Station and Force Main Improvements project which included improvements to the existing pumping station and replacement of the existing force main.

The project was broken into a series of Tasks, the first of which was the pumping station improvements. The first part of Task 1 was the pumping station evaluation report, which identified issues that were limiting station capacity and presented possible solutions. Based on the report recommendations, station improvements were designed which included demolition of existing components, construction sequencing to keep the station in operation during construction, installation of four new pumps, emergency generator, electrical service and equipment, and structural improvements. Improvements to the station, done in conjunction with the new force main, brought the station capacity up to 29 MGD.

Bush Creek Pumping Station
Project Highlights


Surveys for boundary, topography, wetlands, easements and as-builts were provided. The survey was tied to the Maryland State Plane Coordinate System NAD 83 and NAVD 88 benchmarks using static GPS methods. Work was in conjunction with the Bush Creek Force Main.


WRA evaluated the site, prepared a boring plan, and conducted the subsurface investigation. WRA used the information obtained to provide foundation design recommendations for the rehabilitation of the pumping station and the associated pipelines in close proximity to a tidal estuary.


Electrical design services included electrical feed to the station, a new motor control center, an emergency generator with automatic transfer switch, all power and electrical components for 4-400HP pumps and variable frequency drives.