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Walter E. Hoffman U.S. Courthouse. Norfolk, Virginia.

Constructed during the Great Depression in an Art Deco style unique to the Tidewater, Virginia area, GSA sought an approach to restore the exterior and the significance of this historic courthouse.

Built in 1932, and on the National Register of Historic Places, the courthouse is an important asset for the GSA and the City of Norfolk. Showing signs of deterioration, the once polished exterior facades were in need of repair. WRA‘s careful investigation outlined the various façade conditions which include pink granite, black marble, tan limestone, buff-colored brick, aluminum and bronze, and clear and translucent glass. Recommendations were made for the most suitable method of repair. Fire alarm system upgrades required thoughtful planning to avoid compromising elaborate interior finishes.

Project Highlights

Historic Preservation

The study included a thorough analysis of the materials’ conditions, a chronology of past cleaning treatments (and repairs if known), and recommendations on how to efficiently and safely clean and repair the materials, while maintaining the historic integrity of the Art Deco style architecture.