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US 13/ DE 404 Intersection Realignment and Bridgeville Service Roads. Bridgeville, Delaware.

The Delaware Department of Transportation identified the intersection of US 13 and DE 404 in the Highway Safety Improvement Program 1998 and 2001 Annual Reports for Delaware due to high accident rates.

DelDOT proposed to realign the intersection of US 13 and SR 404 and construct service roads along US 13 outside the Town of Bridgeville in Sussex County, Delaware to improve safety and to support the goals of the US 13 Corridor Capacity Preservation Preservation Program. To address the safety concerns, the intersection was reconfigured to eliminate a dangerous, existing skew. Additionally, two service roads were designed along both sides of US 13 to provide alternative access for the community and to accommodate the additional traffic generated by planned development. The end result was an improvement to both safety and traffic flow in the Bridgeville South community.

US 13/ DE 404 Intersection Realignment and Bridgeville Service Roads
Project Highlights


Capacity deficiencies were improved by widening the roadway to provide additional lanes and longer approaches along realigned DE 404. A second left-turn lane along northbound and southbound US 13 was also constructed.

Analysis and Modeling

WRA performed traffic analysis, which included review of existing traffic impact studies, were performed to develop project traffic volumes and determine the number of lanes and length of turn bays and signal configuration of the main intersection.