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Hydrogeology Work for Well Water Supply. Ocean City, Maryland.

Ocean City, the summer resort area, uses approximately 20 water production wells to meet a maximum day demand of 14 million gallons per day.

WRA prepared comprehensive studies of the groundwater supply and assessed the long term changes in aquifer water levels due to pumping, and the cones of depression that result from the seasonal pumping stress. Our safe yield assessment concluded that a significant amount of available drawdown remains in the aquifer system. WRA assessed the chloride concentrations in the ground water, and estimated the rate of salt water movement toward well fields. Based on our recommendations, the Town has implemented a program of spreading groundwater withdrawals throughout the Town to slow salt water intrusion. WRA has provided well construction specifications and hydrogeologic services during construction for several water production wells, each of which provides at least a million gallons per day of groundwater. WRA also assisted the Town with the renewal of its State water appropriation and use permits.

Hydrogeology Work for Well Water Supply
Project Highlights

Water Treatment

WRA has designed new treatment facilities and upgrades of existing facilities to suit the unique characteristics of the Town’s two differing water supply aquifers. Treatment issues include relatively high concentrations of iron plus presence of manganese, ammonia and TOC.


A well house for new wells and old well house upgrades have adopted an architectural style that blends with the adjacent community.