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Colgate Elevated Water Storage Tank. Baltimore County, Maryland.

A new 0.5 million gallon spheroidal water tank replaced a smaller existing tank that was reaching the end of its service life.

WRA completed a siting investigation and prepared the design of a 0.5 MG tank that replaces a smaller tank on the same site. Supply to the tank is from a remote water booster station serving the pressure zone. The tank design included a valve vault with a single-acting altitude valve and check valve, a cathodic protection system and a telemetry control system which includes emergency pressure pump control at the water booster station. To enhance turnover in the tank a non-mechanical mixing system was provided. With completion of the new elevated tank, the existing tank, foundation, and an existing valve vault are to be removed from the site, which will be restored for future use as a playground area. Site work includes new access paving, fencing, and sidewalks to provide access to an existing roller hockey field.

Colgate Elevated Water Storage Tank
Project Highlights

Water Storage

WRA designed new single-acting altitude valve/check valve that controls flow to and from the tank. A single inlet/outlet pipe serves the tank. The tank drain connects to an existing sewer and the tank overflow discharges at grade through a check valve to prevent tampering.

Instrumentation and Controls

The tank is equipped with obstruction lighting, and the tank and valve vault are provided with interior lighting. The tank level is monitored and controlled, and the telemetry control system includes an emergency pressure pump control at the water booster station.

Civil/Land Development

The tank site is graded to tie into existing grade on the surrounding parcels which include a playground and roller hockey field.


Geotechnical investigations were completed and recommended tank foundation systems described in the contract documents.