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Chesterfield County Water System Facilities Plan. Chesterfield County, Virginia.

WRA was tasked with development of the Water Facilities Plan for Chesterfield County’s water distribution system.

Population and demand distributions for years 2015 to 2035 were calculated. The build out demand conditions were developed from the County’s 2012 Comprehensive Plan Land Use Plan. The water system was modeled using H20Map Water by Innovyze. The evaluation identified water piping, pumping, storage and treatment needs classified as Growth-driven (developer-funded), Capacity-driven (County-funded) and Reliability-driven (County-funded) to be inserted in the County Capital Improvement Program. The plan was completed under an accelerated schedule, compressing a 14-month schedule and completing the project in eight months. Other key components of the plan included: Impacts of adding public water to a large portion of the County presently served by well and septic; Outage scenarios and Action Plans; Evaluation of raw water supply sources with future planning recommendations; and Recommendations on demand management strategies to reduce the rate of growth of demand.

Chesterfield County Water System Facilities Plan
Project Highlights

Master Planning and Modeling

The planning group developed the future models and system demand, CIP and facilities plan document.