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Asset Management Program. WSSC Service Area, Maryland.

WSSC undertook a multi-year program to identify long-term infrastructure needs and investment strategies, and to develop and implement an asset management framework for optimal investment decision making.

At its core, an Asset Management Plan (AMP) seeks to minimize infrastructure life cycle costs while maintaining required levels of service, and planning for orderly rehabilitation or replacement of existing infrastructure. The oldest portions of WSSC’s system have exceeded their projected useful lives; a majority of the system will exceed its projected useful life within 20 years.

Phase 1 developed an order of magnitude 30 year capital projection, a 10 year financial plan, and proposed a “roadmap” for implementing asset management.

In Phase 2, five AMPs were completed, including defining levels of service, assigning condition scores, calculating consequence of failure, and assigning business risk exposure scores to each asset to allow assessment of where WSSC’s greatest infrastructure risk lies.

Phase 3 of the program included preparing additional AMPs for water and wastewater facilities and the wastewater collection system.

Construction equipment in WSSC Service Area, Maryland