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64th Street Elevated Water Storage Tank. Ocean City, MD.

The need for the 1.0 MG 64th Street Elevated Water Storage Tank to replace an aging nearby 0.4 MG tank was demonstrated by water distribution system computer modeling.

WRA prepared the preliminary engineering report, site selection, design and contract plans and specifications for the 1.0 MG elevated water tank. Distribution system computer modeling was performed as part of the 1997 Water Master Plan update. Simulations of future water demands and fire flows demonstrated the need for additional elevated water storage in the vicinity of an existing 0.4 MG tank at 66th Street. The project included an altitude valve, tank level telemetry, and over 1/8 mile of 16-inch water main connected to the transmission and distribution system, as well as provisions for commercial cellular antenna systems. Several City-owned parcels were evaluated relative to access and aesthetics. Digital photographic renderings were prepared to assist in the site location, as well as potential specialty tank painting options that included a golf ball and beach ball.

1.0 MG elevated water tank
Project Highlights

Water Storage

Efforts included the development of photographic renderings to demonstrate alternatives for utilizing a new Town logo and welcoming message. Alternatives for minimizing the degradation of water quality in the Town’s water storage tanks were evaluated and each tank was subsequently equipped with a mixing device.

Instrumentation and Controls

Tank level telemetry was provided for connection to the City’s water SCADA system.