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Wharf and Pier Improvements. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

WRA developed a design-build RFP for repairs and upgrades to over 11,000 linear feet of piers and wharves at The Navy Yard in Philadelphia, PA.

A design-build RFP, including drawings, was developed for repairs and upgrades to the Navy’s waterfront structures on the Reserve Basin and Delaware River. Existing construction included timber relieving platforms, sheet pile bulkheads, concrete piers, and various fender systems. In addition to structural work, utility upgrades were also included in the scope of the RFP. A full underwater dive survey of the waterfront was conducted and the results were incorporated in the RFP drawings. A structural analysis of a portion of a timber wharf was conducted.

Wharf and Pier Improvements
Project Highlights


A full dive survey was conducted at the direction of WRA. Divers entered the naval Reserve Basin and Delaware River at various locations along the waterfront and conducted surveys of the piles, pile caps, and other structural components underwater or at the splash zone. On site WRA engineers recorded the results and provided direction to the divers by audio communication while watching live video feeds from the divers’ underwater cameras.


After above grade field investigation and the underwater dive survey was conducted, WRA developed criteria for structural upgrades and repairs based on the results of the investigations. Pier and wharf construction varied between World War II era timber relieving platform construction and more modern concrete pier structures. A structural analysis of a portion of a timber wharf was conducted; with core samples taken to determine material properties and level of deterioration.