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Traffic Engineering Design Division On Call Contracts. Maryland State Highway Administration, Statewide, Maryland.

WRA has been preparing traffic design plans for SHA’s Traffic Engineering Design Division for more than 20 years under seven statewide on call engineering contracts.

The SHA Office of Traffic and Safety, Traffic Engineering Design Division (TEDD) is responsible for design of traffic control devices statewide. WRA has completed more than 1,000 assignments over the last 20 years under seven contracts. WRA has been responsible for the development of plans, specifications, and estimates for the installation of traffic signals, signal interconnect, signing, pavement markings, minor geometric improvements, lighting, and ITS devices. These projects have been constructed by area wide contractors, inserted into highway/ bridge projects, or formally advertised by TEDD. WRA has a proven track record with TEDD of providing the best acceptable solutions taking into consideration cost, time constraints, benefit and impact. As an indicator of our track record, WRA and its staff members have won five Outstanding Customer Service Awards for our work.

Services Performed
Project Highlights

Traffic Signal

WRA has prepared over 1000 signal designs in the past twenty years, including modifications, accessible pedestrian (APS)/countdown pedestrian (CPS) signal upgrades, temporary signals for maintenance of traffic, signal reconstructions, new signals, lane use control, hazard identification beacons, and intersection control beacons.

Signal Interconnect

WRA has prepared numerous hard wired, both copper twisted pair and fiber optic, traffic signal interconnect systems for TEDD including underground and aerial systems. Designs have been prepared for new systems, modifications to existing systems, and replacement of damaged systems.

Signing and Pavement Markings

WRA has prepared signing and pavement marking design plans for a full range of projects including minor modifications, intersection improvements, roundabouts, corridor guide signing replacements, and major highway improvement projects. Design experience includes custom sign structures, traffic barrier, and electrical design.


WRA has prepared lighting designs for various types of projects including roadway lighting, ornamental pedestrian lighting, and sign lighting upgrade projects. Capabilities include full service lighting design from photometric analysis through preparation of final design contract documents.

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

WRA has prepared designs for various projects for the full range of ITS devices, including Automatic Traffic Recording Stations (ATRs), Weather Stations (RWIS), Closed Circuit Television Cameras (CCTV), Dynamic Message Signs (DMS), Highway Advisory Radio Systems (HAR), and Road Speed Sensors.

Program Support

WRA has provided program support services to TEDD including on-site & off-site project management, guidelines development, and training. WRA support for major TEDD programs includes Sign Structure Replacements, Button Copy Sign Replacements, and Uninterruptible Power System (Signal Battery Back-up) Upgrades.