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Tench Tilghman Elementary/Middle School. Baltimore City Public Schools, Maryland.

An outdated school was renovated to support a new curriculum.

Since its construction in 1977, the two-story school located in the southeastern section of Baltimore City had undergone few construction changes. After the completion of a comprehensive study, WRA reconfigured the 13,800 SF open plan concept of the second floor into traditional classrooms in order to accommodate the new sixth grade curriculum. Work was completed over the summer and within a limited budget. A second phase of the project involved design modifications to the entire 27,000 square foot building to allow the school to expand to include grades seven and eight. To accomplish this, a dedicated science classroom, art and computer classrooms were designed.

Services Performed
Project Highlights


Finishes for the new classrooms were carefully selected to complement the school’s character. Construction was phased to allow for continuous academic operation.