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Student Classroom Structure. The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland.

WRA expedites the design of a Student Classroom Structure to address the impacts of COVID-19 at the JHU Homewood Campus.

WRA completed an initial feasibility study that identified several alternatives and included a cost-benefit analysis to inform decision making.  Using the preferred alternative, WRA  completed A/E design and construction phase services for a flexible, multi-purpose 9,000 SF temporary facility on the Freshman Quad of campus served by power, water and sanitary services. The facility design was expedited; the project was delivered in six months to support the University’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  The facility is used for dining, student events/activities, and a study lounge.

Project Highlights


Project management, program verification, site selection, architectural design, permitting, and construction phase services.

Civil/Land Development

Program verification, site selection, civil/site design of stormwater management, utility upgrades, permitting, as well as construction phase services.

Landscape Architecture

Program verification, design of landscape and hardscape improvements, as well as construction phase services.


Program verification, design of electrical service systems and equipment, and construction phase services.