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SSA Campus Pond Alterations. Woodlawn, Maryland.

A deteriorated earthen dam was removed and stream improvements are enhanced on the Social Security Administration’s campus.

The pond alteration project is being performed as a result of an MDE emergency directive to remove the dam and stabilize the limits of the former detention pond. Dam removal and stabilization, including removing the deteriorated reinforced spillway, eroded embankment and accumulated pond sediments, will be conducted. Mitigation and restoration efforts include the restoration of a stable stream channel and creation of an overbank forested floodplain habitat, mitigation of wetland impacts, and stabilization of disturbed area. The project improvements will result in an environmentally beneficial stable channel, reduced public safety risks, and an aesthetically pleasing amenity for the campus.

Project Highlights

Civil/Land Development

Our civil engineers performed site investigations and hydraulic/hydrologic analyses, and designed grading, stream restoration, drainage systems, SWM facilities, and erosion and sediment control for the project. The civil/site development team also prepared and secured approval from the Maryland State Highway Administration.


Topographic surveys of the project limits were performed.


Site investigations were conducted while permits/approvals including SWM/ESC approval from the MDE, a USACE Joint Permit, and Forest Conservation Act compliance were secured.


Subsurface investigations were conducted while geotechnical design was used to support the design of pond and stream modifications.