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Sandy Springs Georgia Safety Study. Sandy Spring, Georgia.

WRA, as a sub to KCI Technologies, analyzed crash history and multimodal movements to develop improved designs for all roadway users in Sandy Spring’s Medical District.

To address the high number of accidents occurring in the medical district around Peachtree-Dunwoody and Johnson Ferry roads, the Sandy Springs City Council requested an analyses of crash data and a prioritized list of improvements. There had been an average of 3 accidents per week reported for the previous 5 years.

WRA reviewed the multi-modal transportation needs (transit, bicycle, pedestrian, ridesharing, etc.) along  Peachtree  Dunwoody  Road,  Johnson  Ferry  Road  and  Glenridge  Connector, with particular attention to the busy pedestrian movements between the Medical Center MARTA transit station and each of the 3 hospitals in the district.

Initially, 26 potential improvement projects were identified.  After stakeholder input, the WRA/KCI team prioritized the recommended improvements to 12 projects split into 3 tiers. As a result, the City is now including the top priorities in next year’s budget.