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Safety Inspection of In-Service Bridges and Transportation Related Structures. Regional.

WRA performs the safety condition inspection of bridges, sign structures, and various other transportation related structures for several state and local agencies in the region.

WRA performs initial, routine, in-depth, and emergency in-service condition inspections of bridges, sign structures, noise walls, retaining walls and high mast light poles. Over 3,000 bridges, including both fixed span and moveable spans, and over 500 overhead sign structures have been inspected by WRA’s staff. The bridges include steel tub and I-girders (including fatigue sensitive details and fracture critical members), prestressed concrete girders, concrete slabs, deck and through trusses, arches, culverts, and timber bridges. Inspection services include the review of the previous report documentation, field inspection (including bridge scour evaluation), structural evaluation, report preparation, prioritized repair recommendations and cost estimates (when required), and updates to the Structure and Inventory Appraisal data. Load ratings are performed when required. Destructive and non-destructive evaluations can also be performed when required to ascertain in-depth information on the bridge condition.

Services Performed
Project Highlights


WRA has performed routine and interim bridge, sign structure, and other transportation related structure inspections for the MDTA since 2011. Notable bridges include portions of the Bay Bridge, I-895 K-truss, I-895 Canton Viaduct, I-895 Patapsco Flats, and I-695 over Bear Creek.


WRA has performed routine and emergency bridge and sign structure inspections and assisted with the development of an ultrasonic inspection program for critical bridge components. Notable bridges include I-68 Cumberland Viaduct, I-81 over Potomac River, and MD 213 Chestertown Drawbridge.


WRA has performed routine hands-on inspection of 59 interstate bridges, in-depth inspection of over 20 bridges, and 1 emergency inspection for DelDOT. Notable bridges include I-95 Wilmington Viaduct, historic steel Pratt through truss carrying Rising Sun Lane, and Augustine Cutoff deck truss.

Local Agencies

WRA has performed routine, in-depth, and emergency inspections of bridges for Maryland Counties: Allegany, Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Baltimore City, Caroline, Carroll, Cecil, Charles, Garrett, Kent, Montgomery, Queen Anne’s, Prince George’s, Somerset, and Washington. Notable bridges include Hanover Street Bridge in Baltimore City.