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RideOn Strategic Plan. Montgomery County, Maryland.

WRA developed a strategic plan for RideOn that included service plans, fleet replacement, facility improvements, vehicle maintenance, long-term capital project budgets and the electric bus implementation.

Since starting as a feeder bus service to Washington’s Metro, Ride On has grown to its current 311 peak vehicles on 78 different bus routes and 88,000 average daily boardings.

To meet the County’s goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Ride On has begun to deploy electric buses including 4 Proterra 35’ electric buses and plans to purchase 10 electric buses annually until reaching 64 electric buses in 2025. The County has added a new electric service at the Brookville Depot for the first 14 buses including a 3,000-amp panel capable of supporting 14 depot chargers.

WRA reviewed the County’s electric bus implementation including daily service range, bus axle weight, bus depot and on-route charging infrastructure, electric bus maintenance, projected electric costs, vehicle emission reductions and benefit cost analysis.

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