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Ravenswood Bus Maintenance & Operations Center Renovation. Broward County, Florida.

The Ravenswood facility was constructed in the late 1970’s for a fleet of 100 buses. The growth of the fleet and the addition of articulated buses made the original facilities obsolete.

WRA provided conceptual plans for the renovation of the complex, and coordinated the replacement and upgrade of all maintenance, fueling, fare collection, and washing equipment.

Major challenges of design included the need to keep the facility operational throughout construction and developing a concept that met all of the program requirements on a site that was too small. The final design of the facility accomplished this by stacking elements. An employee parking structure was constructed above the fuel and wash lanes. The Transportation building was located on the second floor of the parking structure. This provided adequate space on the remaining site for construction of the new maintenance facility and bus storage areas. The construction was staged to allow operations to continue throughout the construction period.

Ravenswood Bus Maintenance & Operations Center Renovation Interior