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Public Safety Radio Enhancement. Aberdeen, Maryland.

A 380 MHz indoor public safety radio system was designed to boost the radio signal reception and transmission for first responders' radios while inside the three-story facility.

WRA met with the client’s radio frequency coordinator, Assistant Fire Chief, and Fire Protection Inspector to identify frequency requirements and the areas within the facility that needed improved coverage.  WRA used a spectrum analyzer and performed an on-site radio spectrum survey for the 300K square foot facility.  RSSI levels were recorded and documented to verify areas requiring signal amplification.

WRA used state-of-the-art RF propagation software that incorporated the physical dimensions and structural materials of the building, along with radio system components, to design a solution specific to the environment of this building.  The design included specifying the radio signal booster, antennas, mounting locations, antenna cabling, connectors, signal taps, and splitters.  The system was designed to provide a minimum signal level of -95dBm for 99% of critical areas and 90% of all general areas.

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