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Port Authority Allegheny County Electric Bus Implementation Plan. Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.

Port Authority of Allegheny County (PAAC) wanted to evaluate charging stations and infrastructure to support Battery Electric Bus for their 2021 Bus Rapid Transit Plan.

WRA was hired to provide an implementation plan for three scenarios, including the maximum number of chargers supported by the existing site electrical and mechanical systems, maximum number of chargers with minimal upgrades, and the maximum number with electrical and mechanical upgrades. High speed overhead pantograph charging was also included.

Following the initial report, PAAC requested an implementation plan to bring the facility up to a standard to fully support the addition of 22 articulated buses and eight 40-foot buses on a one-to-one charger to bus ratio. Scenarios included the required mechanical and electrical upgrades, complete with backup power, and parking layouts within the existing building consistent with a mixed bus fleet. WRA also investigated various charging layouts within a very constrained space, including floor mounted electric dispensing and ceiling supported systems.

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