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Origin-Destination Studies and Comprehensive Operations Analysis. Countrywide.

The WRA team has extensive experience with every detail of conducting Origin-Destination (OD) Studies.

This includes managing surveys, the development of the survey plan, data collector recruitment and training, deployment of pilot and final surveys, coding, analysis, and the preparation of a final report.

Example of WRA’s Origin-Destination studies include; Delaware Transit Corporation’s (DTC) Statewide Transit OD Study and Transit Service Re-design, Montgomery County, Maryland  Ride On and AppalCART in North Carolina.

Our examples for the DTC were on-board surveys for all of DTC’s routes statewide to better understand where and how many riders transfer. This information allowed DTC to reassess the agency’s crowded Wilmington transfer locations to identify necessary service changes. It has also assisted in focusing investments in less-populated downstate areas to maximize ridership benefits.

WRA worked hand-in-hand with DTC Planning and Operations staff in developing route adjustments, scheduling changes, and developing a strategic plan for the organization.

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