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North Carolina Statewide Public Transportation Strategic Plan. Statewide, North Carolina.

WRA assisted North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) and the state’s transit community to strengthen partnerships and develop a Strategic Plan that makes the case for transit investments.

The North Carolina Statewide Public Transportation Strategic Plan lays the foundation for local and state governments’ continued investment. By 2040, North Carolina is expected to add 3.6 million new residents growing to nearly 14 million persons. The State’s population over 65 years of age will add 1 million persons and approximately 70 percent of North Carolina’s population will live in urbanized areas. Rapid population growth coupled with older residents and growing traffic congestion requires increased transit investment.

The work effort included commuting patterns and transit service analysis, robust community involvement and development of financial plans. The project culminated with a Strategic Plan Summit.  

WRA also assisted NCDOT in the development of a five-year financial plan, including estimation of federal funding earned by entity and the allocation of FTA and state funding between administrative, operating, and capital activities.

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