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MTA 25-Year Regional Transit Plan. Statewide, Maryland.

WRA served as technical co-managers in the development of the MTA 25-year Regional Transit Plan, and leaders in the establishment of the state legislatively mandated Commission.

The development of the Plan was a valuable opportunity to bring together the creativity and energy of representatives from government, business and non-profit organizations throughout Central Maryland to develop a plan that focuses on economic development, regional mobility, service integration, and emerging transportation options.

WRA assisted in setting the schedule, milestones and defining the work. Public engagement became a key component of the effort to ensure stakeholder input.

As the RTP was completed, a team of regional stakeholders took advantage of the momentum created by the regional collaboration to begin their work on a five-year implementation plan to supplement the longer term 25-year initiatives. Although the 2020 RTP considers the planned growth of Maryland’s population and economic changes, the region is constantly changing and will require an update in five years for the effort to remain relevant.

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