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Marshallton Circulation Study. Wilmington, Delaware.

Working with the Wilmington Area Planning Council, WRA used a community-centered approach to improve walkability and reduce traffic speeds in the historic village of Marshallton.

Marshallton is a historic village near Wilmington, Delaware. Local residents have long expressed safety concerns related to high traffic volumes and speeding on Old Capitol Trail, the primary route through the village. Residents have also indicated interest in improving the pedestrian environment and increasing non-motorized connections to and from the village. WRA performed a comprehensive transportation study to fully address traffic flow, speed, and active transportation concerns of the village. Specific elements of the study included travel demand forecasting, traffic analysis, and concept design. Comprehensive public engagement was used to identify community-driven transportation needs and alternative solutions to meet those needs. WRA developed and obtained consensus for conceptual recommendations for two roundabouts and village-wide pedestrian improvements to improve walkability, reduce speeds, and maintain the village’s historic character. Some sidewalks were actually built before the study was finished.

Project Highlights


WRA built on the recommendations of a Walkable Community Workshop conducted by WILMAPCO just before the study began. Study recommendations focused on safe and comfortable walking and bicycling routes to key community destinations and the proposed Red Clay Creek greenway.

Transportation Planning

The Marshallton Circulation Study was a community-driven process to develop context-sensitive solutions. Residents developed the study recommendations and were involved in their evaluation. The final report includes a targeted implementation plan with specific action steps for all stakeholders.