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Henrico County Water System Facilities Plan. Henrico County, Virginia.

WRA developed the 2007 Water System Facilities Plan for the Henrico County Department of Public Utilities.

Henrico County provides water service to approximately 87,400 customers. Approximately 94% of the customers are residential, plus wholesale service agreements with adjoining localities. The water demand is anticipated to increase from 63 MGD to 153 MGD by 2036 and to 288 MGD by build out. WRA updated the plan to reflect existing requirements incorporating proposed 2006 Comprehensive Plan Land Use changes. Existing demand was developed from billing records and GIS. Planning horizon system demand was established from the 2006 Comprehensive Plan population projections and Land Use Plan. Extended period simulation models were created for the existing condition and future planning years. The hydraulic model was utilized to evaluate the distribution system for its ability to meet the design conditions for each respective planning year’s demand condition. A CIP was developed through 2036 in five year increments.

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Master Planning and Modeling

The planning group developed a hydraulic model from GIS, established the CIP program and wrote the facilities plan. This was an update of the previous plan, by WRA, completed in 1999.