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Flood Protection. Newport News, Virginia.

In 2013, a shipyard identified the need for flood protection, subject to a category II storm, for its docking facilities protecting Navy assets.

WRA presented a study providing flood protection barriers around two docking facilities utilizing three different constraining systems. The majority of protection which can be rapidly deployed consists of water-filled bladders. The bladders protect the three land sides of the docking facilities. Along the water front, and between both docking facilities, the flood protection system is more complicated. Steel plating is welded to both caisson gates creating a three foot barrier. A stop log style barrier is used as the best suitable interface between the steel plating on the gates and the water-filled bladders. The storm drain modifications were considered, and the most effective solution is the check-mate check valve installed directly in the storm piping. This maintenance free valve eliminates back flow flooding through the storm drain system.

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