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Delaware Transit Corporation Advisory Services. Delaware.

WRA is serving as a trusted advisor to Delaware Transit Corporation’s senior staff on issues regarding policy, public outreach, operations planning, and facility master planning.

Through open-end agreements WRA is assisting the Delaware Transit Corporation with a number of tasks. WRA developed a staged master plan for the agency’s Wilmington operations, where most of its fixed-route and paratransit services are based, to improve efficiency. This approach will allow for consolidation of paratransit operations and maintenance at one end of DTC’s properties and fixed-route facilities at the other, all while protecting investment in existing facilities and maintaining traffic circulation. WRA also conducted an on-board origin-destination survey for all of DTC’s New Castle County-based transit routes. The purpose of this effort was to better understand which riders transfer and where, allowing DTC to reassess the agency’s downtown Wilmington transfer locations and identify service changes that would improve ridership by reducing the need for transfers. WRA also provided high-level support for the agency’s Transit Redesign effort.

Services Performed
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The success of WRA’s efforts with DTC was largely due to facilitating intra-agency communication. Our staff worked closely with the agency’s planning, operations, facilities, safety, and other personnel to ensure recommended solutions met everyone’s needs.