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Delaware Statewide Travel Demand Model. Delaware.

WRA developed a model for DelDOT covering Delaware and Maryland’s Eastern Shore, representing a population of over 1.2 million people and an area of over 5,300 square miles.

The model can produce both Average Annual Daily Travel (AADT) forecasts and peak tourist season travel forecasts. Other unique model aspects include a separate home based regional shopping trip type, the ability to code multiple future year scenarios into a single network file for ease of use and maintenance, built-in select link analysis procedures, an evacuation model, air quality post processor, and project benefit estimator. Elements of this model have been featured at conferences and in published papers throughout the country such as the Institute of Transportation Engineers and Transportation Research Board’s annual meetings. WRA has had subsequent contracts to develop standard processes that allow them to perform their everyday modeling production work more efficiently while producing easily understood results.

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Project Highlights


WRA developed a statewide on-road bicycle facility route network, design guidelines, a prioritization process, and bicycle maps.