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Delaware Bicycle Facility Master Plan. Delaware.

WRA developed the State of Delaware’s Bicycle Facility Master Plan that established a network hierarchy of statewide routes. The firm also prepared two sets of statewide bicycle maps.

WRA worked with the Delaware Department of Transportation to develop a master plan for statewide bicycle facilities. The process began with preliminary identification of corridors for consideration as a statewide network of on-road bicycle facilities. WRA then evaluated those corridors, assessing existing conditions and improvement opportunities. One key component of the process was a public outreach program with six public meetings and a project Web page. Based on technical analysis, public input, and agency coordination, WRA made recommendations for the final master plan. The plan also included design guidelines for the provision of on-road bicycle facilities and a prioritization process for bicycle projects. Working with Steve Spindler Cartography, WRA also developed two sets of three county-wide bicycle maps. The second, updated set included an online mapping application and cue sheets for all statewide and regional routes.

Delaware Bicycle Facility Master Plan
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WRA developed a statewide on-road bicycle facility route network, design guidelines, a prioritization process, and bicycle maps.