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DDOT Electric Bus Facility Alternative. District of Columbia.

The District of Columbia Department of Transportation (DDOT) tasked WRA with estimating the costs of developing alternative electric bus operating and maintenance facilities for the D.C. Circulator.

The facility was planned for 120 buses, initially 44 diesel buses and 28 electric buses. By 2029, DDOT plans to expand the fleet and convert to zero-emission.

Two sites were evaluated including an underground facility beneath a reconstructed Southeast Boulevard and Barney Circle and an industrial site in Prince George’s County. Each site includes bus operations, maintenance, fueling, revenue collection and associated functions. The industrial site is approximately 5 acres and may have a photovoltaic (PV) array over the bus parking area using a process that produces electricity from light.

The underground facility would require excavation 23’ below grade to accommodate 20’ clear area for the bus maintenance bays.

WRA reviewed bus circulation alternatives and prepared conceptual costs estimates for the site development, stormwater management, building, bus and employee parking, electrical charging, and PV array.

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