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Complete Streets Technical Assistance . National Complete Streets Coalition, Nationwide.

Working with the National Complete Streets Coalition, WRA has provided technical assistance to a wide variety of communities in the development and implementation of Complete Streets policies.

WRA’s work on Complete Streets policies has spanned a number of states, including Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Florida, Texas, Alabama, Tennessee, New York, Illinois, Vermont, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, and Hawaii. The principal form of technical assistance has come in the form of day-long workshops, including Laying the Foundation for Complete Streets, Complete Streets policy development, and Complete Streets policy implementation. WRA also provided assistance in developing full-day and half-day design workshops on Complete Streets and active transportation topics with special emphasis on state departments of transportation. Recently, WRA provided technical assistance to the City of Reading, PA in the development of its Complete Streets policy, which was named as one of the best in the nation for 2015. This is the first time the Coalition has ever awarded a perfect score to a Complete Streets policy.

Project Highlights

Transportation Planning

In addition to workshops, WRA has provided more customized services to meet jurisdictional needs of certain communities. For example, WRA facilitated discussions on how already progressive active transportation policies in Austin, Texas could be knit into an overarching Complete Streets policy.


For the University Neighborhoods Development Corporation in Memphis, WRA assisted with key stakeholder interviews to develop recommendations for creating a “bicycle culture” in the University District, neighborhood traffic calming, a non-motorized transportation connection between campuses, and improved pedestrian crossings.