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Chesapeake Trail. Tuckahoe State Park, Maryland.

A new multi-use trail at Tuckahoe State Park to connect the Adkins Arboretum to the Upper Chesapeake Rail Trail was designed.

This 2.5-mile shared-use trail will be ADA accessible and accommodate bicyclists, pedestrians, horseback riders, and small maintenance vehicles. It will include improving a 0.6 mile long segment of the Tuckahoe Valley Trail, and a new 1.9 mile long segment that extends north to the Arboretum. The trail crosses six streams, requiring a pressure-treated wood bridge/boardwalk structure at each location. The longest structure is 140 feet in total length, consisting of a 50-foot single span bridge and 90 feet of adjoining boardwalk. The trail will include new benches placed periodically along its length, and landscaping/plantings to enhance its aesthetic appeal.

Project Highlights

Civil/Land Development

Site investigations, alternative alignment evaluations, site grading, and erosion and sediment control for the new trail were performed. WRA also prepared and secured approval from the MDE for stormwater management facilities and an erosion and sediment control plan for the project.


Surveying services included topographic surveys of the project limits.


Permits were obtained from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the MDE for wetlands impacts while approval from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources for Forest Stand Delineation and Forest Conservation Plan was gained.


Six pressure treated wood bridges were designed along with accompanying boardwalks that span existing streams and waterways.


Subsurface investigations were conducted while geotechnical design was used to support the new wood bridges and boardwalks.