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Centre Area Transportation Authority Fair Study. State College, Pennsylvania.

CATA’s Strategic Plan included development of a holistic business plan rather than addressing individual challenges or issues as they developed within their fixed route and demand-responsive transit system.

WRA was selected to conduct an analysis of all aspects of the Centre Area Transportation Authority’s (CATA) current fare collection system, fare structure, fare policies, contracts and financial budgets. 

Through a series of workshops held with CATA and the Centre County Metropolitan Planning Organization (CCMPO), the group collectively vetted information presented and ultimately selected a set of alternatives.  WRA’s evaluation of the alternatives provided the basis for recommendations to CATA’s; fare policy, fare collection technology, contract options and fiscal health. The recommendations set the foundation for WRA’s development of financial modeling and a set of projected financial scenarios. CATA’s budget and fiscal year projections were presented to CATA’s Board of Directors. The financial analysis in addition to the fare collection recommendations created the basis for CATA’s roadmap for future policy, fare collection updates, optimization and fiscal sustainability.

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