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Casho Mill Road Clankers. Newark, DE.

WRA designed a one-of-a kind overhead deterrent for railroad bridge strikes in Delaware.

In response to over 70 overheight vehicles striking the CSXT bridge along Casho Mill Road over the past decade, WRA designed an overhead deterrent to alert drivers that the bridge is too low to safely pass under. DelDOT implemented a system consisting of a series of “clankers," installed in conjunction with dynamic warning systems that include signage and flashing lights. The clankers are comprised of heavy-duty plastic suspended from steel mast arms that span the roadway. If struck, a vehicle is too tall to pass under the bridge prompting the driver to turn around. The clankers improve upon the existing traffic engineering baseline practice of conventional MUTCD compliant low clearance warning signs/beacons and “sacrifice beams. Based on the project's success DelDOT plans to implement this solution in other locations around the state of Delaware.