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Capital Crescent Trail. Montgomery County, Maryland.

Along with the construction of the Purple Line the Capital Crescent Trail will be completed from Bethesda to Silver Spring, Maryland.

WRA provided the planning and preliminary engineering for 4.3 miles of the Capital Crescent Trail (CCT) a mixed-use trail that will provide pedestrians and cyclists a designated route between the Bethesda Station and the Silver Spring Transit Center that will be constructed with the Purple Line. Trail users will be able to connect to the existing Metropolitan Branch Trail and the proposed Silver Spring Green Trail. The CCT is envisioned to be both a recreational trail, and a commuter trail. As a commuter trail, it will connect residential communities at 21 locations to the proposed Purple Line stations at Bethesda, Chevy Chase Lakes, Lyttonsville, Woodside, and Silver Spring Transit Center. It will be physically located alongside the proposed Purple Line within the Georgetown Branch ROW and along the CSX Corridor into Silver Spring.

Capital Crescent Trail
Project Highlights


WRA designed an environment that is comfortable for commuter and recreational cyclists as well as pedestrians. The most critical elements for users are the grade separated crossings at Connecticut Avenue and Jones Mill Road.

Landscape Architecture

Utilizing Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) principals the trail design incorporates enhanced landscaping at the trail connections to highlight the connections and integrate them into the community.


The design included signature structures for the crossings of Connecticut Avenue and Rock Creek.