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Cambridge Maintenance Facility. Cambridge, Maryland.

The Cambridge Maintenance Facility is critical to supporting the maintenance of roads and infrastructure, as well as safety work during inclement weather and when a state of emergency is issued.

To provide a facility that is capable of housing tools and vehicles, such as dump trucks, lawnmowers, large vacuum trucks and service trucks, a 26,000 SF maintenance building, 13,000 SF vehicle storage building, 10,400 SF crew building, 4,000 ton salt barn, material storage bins, brine tanks, fuel island, truck wash, and on-site equipment/materials storage was designed. Functions include offices, conference rooms, inventory, lunch room, locker/shower rooms, three full-service bays with overhead crane, truck lifts, welding area, service reels, support equipment, vehicle storage for twelve dump trucks, pull-through wash bay, enclosed garage bays to store small pick-up type trucks and various types of equipment used in the field.

Cambridge maintenance facility