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Blandair Regional Park Master Plan. Columbia, Maryland.

An undeveloped suburban gem finds a new identity as an incredible park for all ages.

Blandair Park is bisected by MD 175 in the heart of Columbia. The first step in the overall development of the park included investigative and master planning services. The park will include seven phases developed over the next generation. Planned amenities shall include multipurpose fields, baseball fields, softball fields, tennis courts, , a large multipurpose building, a skate park, numerous playgrounds (including a large scale destination playground), dog parks, festival lawns, environmental education areas, the refurbishing of an existing historic mansion for events, quiet games, picnic shelters, comfort stations, roadway improvements along MD 175, numerous parking lots, a maintenance building, as well as associated stormwater management and utilities.

Project Highlights


The county’s master plan for the park was updated based upon new information obtained from the investigative services. Summary analysis, minor refinements to the master plan, and grading studies were also performed.


Aerial, traverse, bench marks and boundary surveying services were performed.


Site investigations to develop wetland/stream and forest stand delineations were performed. Jurisdictional determinations by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers were also coordinated.


Traffic patterns as they pertain to the development of the park were analyzed. Traffic count updates were performed along with the review of previously developed traffic studies. Trip generation calculation estimates were also made as were projected travel forecasts.