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Bethesda South Entrance Expansion. Bethesda, MD.

The WMATA Bethesda Metro Station, which is approximately 140 feet below Wisconsin Avenue, is an integral part of the WMATA Metrorail Red Line. Early ridership projections never anticipated the success of the system, or the station.

The station is located between East West Highway and Elm Street and was constructed in the late 1970s. The Bethesda Metro Station currently has one entrance at the north end, near East West Highway. A knock out panel at the tunnel’s south end facilitates a future additional mezzanine and the vertical circulation to grade. Improvements include new high-speed elevators and emergency stairs that provide access to the Metrorail Red Line from grade to the new south mezzanine and ticketing level, and connect it through the core at the Bethesda Purple Line station level. All features are designed to be compatible with the original station’s design intent.

The station expansion and Purple Line Station are at the intersection of Wisconsin Avenue and Elm Street located at the southwest corner, directly in front of the Apex Building. Since the station connection is located at a tight urban corner, the design intent was to create a minimally invasive, yet recognizable place. It was designed to have transparent elevator towers, canopies and vent shafts, of glass and stainless steel that interpret the most current WMATA prototypical canopies. An open-well stair leads to the intermediate Purple Line platform below and provides a transfer point to the Metro. The station core elements are for the WMATA station support that is shared by the Purple Line for access to grade, and are fit within the extensive existing network of subsurface structures, public and private utilities, and WMATA infrastructure.

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