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BaltimoreLink Priority Corridors. Statewide, Maryland.

WRA assisted MDOT MTA in improving operating speeds and bus customers’ experience through the Priority Corridor’s initiative following the BaltimoreLink implementation.

The BaltimoreLink transit redesign project restructured the Baltimore bus service including City Link high frequency lines with 15-minute frequencies, Local Link lines connecting neighborhoods to the regional network and Express Link commuter services.

The WRA team identified potential bus priority corridors through a process of applying bus performance metrics against ridership thresholds, differences in travel time and reliability. The team developed a Priority Corridors Toolkit as a menu of options, targeting operational, infrastructure and technological improvements to roadway segments. The treatments were suggested, which the MDOT MTA and the owners of roadway infrastructure may implement to improve transit speeds, capacity, and reliability.

Examples of treatments include:

  • Dedicated Bus Lanes
  • Peak Only Bus Lane
  • Bus on Shoulder
  • Transit Only Turns
  • Queue Jump
  • Transit Signal Priority
  • Far Side Bus Stop


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