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WRA Welcomes Diane Melia-Anderson.

Diane has over 15 years’ experience in transportation planning, fare collection, transit benefits, system planning, smart card implementation, environmental & site planning, program and project management. Through her career, she has assumed various roles working with and for state and local agencies. She has built an understanding of transportation programs, plans and processes. 

She is currently involved in the MDOT-MTA Priority Corridors Transit Study. Diane is developing a Toolkit of operational and capital treatments to improve transit performance. High frequency bus routes, with low performance are targeted to apply effective treatments.  In addition, Diane is currently working with Montgomery County RideOn on a variety of transit tasks, including a bus shelter inventory to assess and project maintenance costs and managing an on-board customer survey for Title VI. 
Prior to joining WRA, Diane worked as an on-site consultant at the MDOT-MTA Office of Fare Collection System and Services and the Office of Planning and Programming. During that time, she maneuvered the ever-changing advances in fare collection technology, from smart cards to mobile applications, leveraging fare collection to attract new and retain existing riders. She managed the MTA‘s fare collection state of good repair and software upgrade and worked with WMATA and CharmPass application developers to seamlessly accept transit benefits.  Diane managed the 2015 and 2017 Fare Increase and wrote the MTA Implementation of a Voucher Program for Free or Reduced Fare.

Diane’s transportation project experience includes:
- Mid Shore Walking Plan Assessment Report -  Caroline and Dorchester Counties, MD
- MTA Commuter Bus ticketing program
- MDOT Smart Growth Committee member
- Red Line Draft Environmental Impact Statement
- MARC Edgewood Station Improvement Plan
- Connectivity Study – Lexington Market Light Rail Station with Lexington Market Metro