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WRA Celebrates with The Great Baltimore Oyster Partnership.

On June 21st, 8 of WRA’s oyster volunteers gathered with the rest of The Great Baltimore Oyster Partnership at the Rusty Scupper for the 2018 Golden Oyster Awards - End of Season Celebration. Volunteers played oyster trivia and enjoyed good food, drinks and a Rusty Scupper Cake. The highlight of the night was the presentation of awards to the MVP’s of each team. Congratulations to Kelly Ambrose who received the Golden Oyster Award for WRA’s team! The Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore also announced the estimated total of oysters planted for the 2018 program: 286,000! Approximately 21,375 of these were planted by WRA at their boat trip to the Fort Carroll Oyster Sanctuary on May 10th.

Golden Oyster Award Presentation - The Great Baltimore Oyster Partnership