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Vesper St. Path Recognized by APWA MidAtlantic.

The Vesper Street Shared Use Path in Hunter Mill District, Tysons, Fairfax, VA was awarded the 2020 Project of the Year, Projects Less Than $5M Transportation Category by APWA MidAtlantic.

The Vesper Street Shared Use Path project was substantially completed within budget and on time on January 24, 2019. This project provided a 10-foot-wide asphalt shared use  path  approximately 2,030  feet  in  length  from  the  end  of  Vesper  Street  to  the intersection of Leesburg Pike and the Spring Hill Metro Station. The project includes a 90-foot-long pedestrian bridge over Old Courthouse Spring Branch, storm water drainage, asphalt paving, pedestrian lighting, handrails, guardrails, bollards, pavement markings and related items.

The trail will save many vehicular trips to the Metro Station and retail shops along Route 7, reduce traffic congestion, avoid air quality impacts, etc.  This trail will add a good sense of place, walking, biking, fitness, etc. inside the Tysons “city” setting.

This Trail’s economic savings to the Fairfax County residents will be Metro parking fees, ride sharing costs, etc. Potential County savings will be a lesser need for other vehicular infrastructure near the Metro Station such as road improvements and/or new parking garages.

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