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Midtown Streetscape Wins the MDQI Baltimore City DOT Award Over $5M.

With major institutions and popular residential areas along the project corridor, keeping stakeholders informed, involved, and supportive of the project was critical to the project’s success. Prior to final design and WRA’s involvement, a concept committee was formed by the City to identify project goals. During final design, WRA met regularly with stakeholders and held several community meetings. WRA assisted the City in both presenting the project at each design stage and incorporating input from stakeholders. Examples of where stakeholder input resulted in a project element include the addition of a sidewalk along Mt. Royal Avenue, maintaining drop-off access in front of the Lyric Theatre, and maintaining the decorative crosswalk in front of University of Baltimore. The cycletrack was also considered after the biking community expressed a desire to improve bicycle facilities. This allowed the project to be more aligned with the City’s Complete Street goals.

Another significant feature of the design included intersection improvements at the confusing and pedestrian-unfriendly intersection of Mt. Royal Avenue and Cathedral Street. The movement from eastbound Mt. Royal Avenue to southbound Cathedral Street had allowed vehicles to maintain a high speed. The project realigned the roadway, decreasing the radius of the turn and achieving the desired traffic calming effect. Additionally, pedestrian refuge areas were constructed to improve the overall pedestrian use of the intersection.