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1300 Bush Street.

A new bus maintenance facility, complete with modern equipment and a massive workspace to maintain MTA’s fleet, resulted in an increase in operations efficiency. Increasing the capacity for bus maintenance and staging, this new facility features an enclosed interior circulation system with exhaust system. The building is 80,000 SF and includes offices, twenty-nine repair/inspection bays, two separate bays for dynamometer testing, a dedicated parts storage area, and a rebuild area for parts. Four repair bays serve 60 foot buses, and the high bays are equipped with bridge cranes for the removal and reinstallation of battery packs for hybrid buses. Other improvements consist of new power distribution systems, lighting, new ventilation system, an air compressor and air distribution piping, vehicle lifts, a compressor shop for rebuilding air conditioning compressors, and refrigerant recovery and storage areas. A clerestory at the center of the building provides natural light into the main work areas. The project was completed in February 2017.